Play A Leading Role in Investment and Financing for Construction of the Belt and Road

In the morning of October 15th,China-Pakistan Entrepreneurs International Workshop conducted in-depthdiscussion on investment and financing issues in construction of China-PakistanEconomic Corridor. Saleem Mandviwala, Senator of Pakistan Senate and Chairmanof Financial and Economic Committee of Senate, Zhang Gang Fu, Chairman ofWonderful International Insurance Brokers (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., Zhang Yongping,VP of Tianzi Environment Protection Investment Holdings, Wang Huanyue, VP ofZhongrong Property Investment, respectively delivered speech on the meeting.

TheBelt and Road construction mainly refers to large scale infrastructureconstruction which require huge financial investment. Therefore, financingservices must be strengthened through integrating all concerned resources,promoting multi-lateral financial cooperation and exerting the leading role offinancing in construction of the Belt and Road. During the going out of Chineseenterprises for the Belt and Road construction, the following work should bedone: complete and put into practice the work mechanism for key plans andprojects, guide construction companies of the Belt and Road projects step up theircommunication and collaboration with banks, insurance companies and otherfinancial institutions, smooth efficient flow of project information to financialand insurance companies to gain financing support.

Saleem Mandviwala, Senator of PakistanSenate and Chairman of Financial and Economic Committee of Senate, deliveredkeynote speech.

Saleem Mandviwala, Senator of PakistanSenate and Chairman of Financial and Economic Committee of Senate, elaboratedon China-Pakistan economic ties, bilateral trading, Pakistani commercialenvironment, investment opportunities and financing system in Pakistan. Hepointed out that the most promising industries in Pakistan cover power, oil andgas, minerals, agriculture and food processing, textile, cement, construction,steel and infrastructure.

SaleemMandviwala gave detailed instruction to incentive policies for investment inindustries such as construction, chemistry and agriculture, investmentprotection policy for Chinese investors and financial incentives in specialeconomic zones for developers and companies. He also profiled Pakistanicommercial banks, Development Financial Institutions (DFIs), securitiesexchange, Islamic finance, House Building Financing Company (HBFC) and otherspecialized banks.  

Zhang Gang Fu, Chairman of Wonderful InternationalInsurance Brokers (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., delivered keynote speech.

Zhang Gang Fu, Chairman of WonderfulInternational Insurance Brokers (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., in his speech outlined theOverseas Co-insurance Consortium he proposed for the Belt and Roadconstruction. He said insurance industry serves for enterprises by providingmarketized risk management, risk report, risk safeguard as well as risk transfer,insurance article services for company investment, financing and acquisition.  

Zhang Gangfu pointed out that it ishard-won opportunity for private company to take part in the Belt and Roadconstruction. The most concerned issue of companies in their oversea investmentand acquisition actions is how to avoid risk and how to make good financingplan and carry out it in good way. Definitely multiple funding channels arerequired, such as government fund, bank fund, insurance fund and social funds. Hesuggested in order to accelerate construction of the Belt and Road industrialfunds should participate in to leverage social funds.

Zhang Yongping, VP of Tianzi EnvironmentProtection Investment Holdings, delivered keynote speech.

Zhang Yongping, VP of Tianzi EnvironmentProtection Investment Holdings, taking the development and application of WR (TotalWaste Recycling), a cutting-edge technology in living waste recycling, as anexample, explained PPP investment mode in emerging industry. TWR technology isindependently developed by Tianzi Environment Protection, which successfullysolved secondary pollution and realized turning wastes into treasure. TWR,through PPP mode, was successfully applied into practice and promoted andachieved energy saving, environment protection, resource recycling and goodbenefit. The technology has obtained over two hundred of patents.

Guo Yan, VP of Tianjin Hengyun EnergyGroup, presided over the workshop.

Wang Huanyue, VP of Zhongrong PropertyInvestment

Guests on the workshop had heated debate. They expect thaton the platform of RDI’s China-Pakistan Entrepreneur International Workshop,each one can play its advantage, integrate resources and promote financialcooperation and accelerate implementation of specific project.