Research Report Released on Investment Related Legal Regimes of Relevant Countries Along the Belt an

China Economic Net Beijing, January19 (Reporter Yuan Zhili)   On January 19,2016, Research and Development International (RDI), an international think tankplatform led and jointly established by Chinese Academy of Social Sciences,released its study report on Investment Related Law Regimes of Relevant CountriesAlong the Belt and Road Routes (the Report), an important research result following the Directoryof Key Enterprises for the Belt and Road Construction released by RDI early in2016.

The Report covers five importantcountries along the Belt and Road routes including Pakistan, Russia, Iran,Indonesia and the United Arab Emirates, elaborating each countrys status of development, political system, legal systemand foreign investment rules, regulations and practice cases, particularly on  rules and regulations in connection withsubjects highly concerned by Chinese investors such as tax, foreign exchange administration,labor and employment, intellectual property and environmental protection, etc.The report also gives in-depth discussion on laws related to internationalpower construction projects and other infrastructure construction contracts,introduces laws in connection with mergers and acquisitions of Japanese companyby Chinese enterprise, becoming important references for Chinese enterprises toinvest in countries along the Belt and Road routes.

Zhao Baige, Member of StandingCommittee of National Peoples Congress, Vice Chair of ForeignAffairs Committee of the National PeoplesCongress and Chair of Advisory Committee of RDI, said that the Report was thefruit of intensive research, analysis and sorting conducted by RDI legalservices group. The report is detailed, comprehensive, professional, covering awide range of fields. Its in-depth studies on related laws and policies ofcountries along the Belt and Road routes will provide important information forChinese enterprises to go out and strong support to accelerate the process oftheir internationalization and promote implementation of the Belt and RoadInitiatives.

Shepointed out that since its establishment, RDI actively offers services for theBelt and Road construction. It set up seven service groups including legalservice, policy research, technical standards, information service, financialsupport, culture and brand and capacity building, actively organizes government, enterprise and industry resources to lead business delegation to visitoversea markets, providing a lot of systematic and significant services andsupport for enterprises take part in the implementation of the Belt and RoadInitiatives. This Report is the results of hard work of members of RDI legalservice group including China Grandall Law Firm, De Heng Law Firm and BeijingLawyers Association. On the open, cooperative, win-win and sharing platform ofRDI, each member is both service provider and service receiver. RDI would liketo see more enterprises and institutions joining into RDI and realizingself-development during joint promotion of the Belt and Road construction. Inthe new year, RDI will further accelerate its promotion the Belt and RoadConstruction and provide a more solid guarantee for the internationaldevelopment of Chinese enterprises.

It is reported that following the release of companiesinformation and legal information respectively by RDI information group andlegal service group, information report on project, standards, capacitybuilding and other areas will be released step by step. Country coverage alsowill be gradually expanded to further build RDIs comprehensive and integrated service system andbetter serve the business. RDI will continue to further enhance internationalexchanges and cooperation, promote construction project docking andconstruction investment in foreign countries, so as to make greatercontribution to the implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative.