About Official Reply on the Establishment of Wonderful International Insurance Brokers (Tianjin) Co.

OIRC License No. 393 [2013]

To Wonderful Technology Development Co., Ltd. and Zhang Gang Fu,

Your application for registration of Wonderful International InsuranceBrokers (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. is replied as follows:

1.      Approveregistration of Wonderful International Insurance Brokers (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.

2.      Registeredcapital is RMB 50 million, RMB45 million contributed by WonderfulTechnology Development Co., Ltd. and the remained RMB5 million by Zhang Gangfu.

3.      Permittedbusiness area of the company: the jurisdictions of the People's Republic of China.

4.      Domicile ofthe company: Room 2006, 2007, 2008-2009 and 2016,No. 2 Huatian Road, Huayuan Industrial Zone, Tianjin.

5.      Approvedbusiness scope is as below:

Insurance scheme preparation, the insurer selection and dealing with insurance procedures for the insured;

Assisting the insured or beneficiaries to claim for any loss;

Reinsurancebrokerage business;

Providing clients with disaster prevention, loss prevention or riskassessment, risk management consulting services;

Other businesses approved by China Insurance Regulatory Commission.

6.      Approve thequalification of Zhang Gangfu as Chairman of the Board and General Manager ofthe company,

7.      Seven, before opening to business, the companymust take this Approval and go to Tianjin Insurance Regulatory Bureau to getthe insurance brokerage business licenses and go through the formalities forregistration with the State Administration for Industry and Commerce.

8.      The company shall operate in accordance with the laws and comply with relevant rules and regulations of the State andrelated regulations and normative documents of China Insurance Regulatory Commission. Visit CIRC website for relatedcontents.

China Insurance RegulatoryCommission

November 1, 2013