Integrates “Internet+Industry+Finance” and Promotes Enterprise Transformation to Inte

On January 16 2016, China Internet FinanceAnnual Meeting And Awards Ceremony was successfully held in Beijing. Ping AnBank with its remarkable performance in the Internet finance in 2015 harvestedthree awards. Among them, its won the 2015 Annual China InternetFinance Outstanding Brand Award; Jin Xiaolong, President of Ping An Bank InternetFinance Division won the 2015 Annual China Internet Finance Advanced Figure Award;Orange e • Easy Business Start won 2015 Annual China Internet Finance InnovationAward.

With the theme of Internet Finance – NewDriving Force, New Outlook and New Development, the participants of governmentofficials, experts and scholars on the annual meeting made in-depth discussionand analysis on Internet-oriented monetary policy, status quo and developmenttrend of the Internet finance, financial industry transformation and upgradingunder "Internet +" boost, big data and financial applications andrisk control management.

“Facing the big market of the coming industriale-commerce transformation, bases its business on “supply chainfinance + Internet finance” and is committed to build itself as a innovativeintegrator of Internet + Industry + Finance", said Jin Xiaolong, Presidentof Ping An Bank Internet Finance Division, in his keynote speech. The nationalstrategy of "Internet +" and "Made in China 2025" are acceleratingindustrial e-commerce transformation. Over the recent years, China e-commerce,B2B e-commerce in particular, witnessed rapid development and the trend willcontinue which brings unprecedented opportunities for Internet finance. Orangebankingis just well following the trend and trying to catch the opportunity throughproving online integrated logistics and supply chain management and other businessservices and comprehensive financial services, further optimize businessservices ecology of the whole industrial chain, deeply get involved in theindustrial chain business transformation, courageously and actively exploreB2B, B2C, C2B and other innovative business models, develop and put intopractice the implementation strategies of 1 + N, N + N, platform + platform, andassist SMEs’ e-commerce and internet-based upgrade.

As an open and integrated Internet financeplatform, adheres to the concept of open, collaborative andsharing. It introduced a series of credit extension, settlement products andspecial services such as invoices loans for malls and supermarket, orangebankingtax loans, user registration via Wechat, Ping An butler, orangebanking Bao,shipping Bao, breaking the traditional boundaries of finance by integrating intothe elements of the Internet. pioneers exploration of theInternet finance industry and provide enterprises with one-stop onlinefinancial services including payment, financing, credit extension/witness, andvalue-added financial management and accounts management.

So far, the network has connected with more than 300 enterprises’network system and established close cooperative relations hundreds ofthird-party service platform; it has more than 1.7 million registered users,nearly 400,000 business users, and benefit a large number of small and medium shoppingmall and supermarket providers, freight forwarding companies, distributors,logistics companies and the vast majority of corporate clients, pioneering the transformationand upgrading of traditional banking businesses to "Internet +".