Claim Adjuster Explains on the New Car Insurance and Shares Vision on the Future Internet Claim


On 11 January2016, Wei Ran, founder of A6 Studio, delivered a speech as invitation of MolecularInsurance Laboratory. He, from a professional point of view, analyzed changes tocar insurance claims brought by the reform on management system of commercialauto insurance clauses and premium rates (the “Reform”), and made a forecast oncar insurance claims with Internet +. Molecular Insurance Laboratory hereby,with authorization of A6 Studio, releases the speech on our platform.

Speech Draft is asfollows:

Hello, all MolecularInsurance Laboratory friends. I’m Wei Ran, founder of A6 Studio.

A6 Studio takesfake claims case as a starting point, focusing on the latest insurance claim informationand sharing claims experience and skills. Since last year, everyone has beenpaying attention to the two key issues of the insurance industry: reform on managementsystem of commercial auto insurance clauses and premium rates; Internet plusinsurance. We are going to talk about how to deal with insurance claims.

The newly issued modelclauses of commercial auto insurance have many changes from the previousversion, for instance, the new clauses solve the problem of “high insurancepremium but low compensation” which the media paid close attention to. Actually,the phenomenon of “high insurance premium but low compensation” is very extremespecial case, only occurs when a vehicle encounters total loss. Tonight I wantto share with you the changes in insurance coverage, a basic subject of autoinsurance, brought by

There are increasesand decreases in insurance coverage, but in general, insurer’s liability isincreased, which will benefit customers who can get more insurance coveragewith less money.

Take home vehiclefor example, the basic coverage includes: collision, overturning, falling, fire,explosion, falling and collapse of other object, which is the same between theprevious and the new version. It’s easy to understand the liberal meaning ofthe coverage of insurance, but in the actual work, the understanding will varyfrom person to person. A6 Studio has set up a loss adjuster channel on Wechat.Every day the channel is filled with wars of debate because of differentunderstanding to insurance liability.

There are bigchanges in car damage insurance liabilities in connection with naturaldisasters. The new liability coverage of natural disasters is morecomprehensive including lightning, storm, torrential rains, floods, tornadoes,hail, typhoon, tropical storm, subsidence, cliff collapse, landslide,subsidence landslides, avalanches, ice, snow, ice, dust storms. Compared withthe old version, tsunami was removed and hailstorm changed to hail.

Compared to theABC terms of the insurance liability also reduced. For example, in a deductibleincrease: body quality defects do not lose.

The new provisionsalso added an additional risk, i.e. a special insurance to cover the loss ofmotor vehicle when the third-party cannot be found. In the past when the thirdparty cannot be found, the client has to bear 30% deductibles. But after thereform, 30% deductible also does not require client to bear.

The contentmentioned above is changes I concluded from the Reform. And next I’ll take afew minutes to share my view on Internet claims.

With the unique featureof light, fragmentation and big data Internet+ Insurance Claiming has broughtsignificant changes to insurance claims, especially in solving claiming difficulty,improving settlement efficiency, enhancing customer experience and in anti-fraudaction.

Anothersignificant feature of the Internet claiming is that it removed unnecessaryprocedures and realized paperless claims. Tradition claims process runs likeclient report, damage assessment, sending claiming documents data examinationand verification by insurance company, adjustment and payment with particularlycomplex intermediate procedures, which tends to produce quite low claimingefficiency. However, with new science and technology is applied to insuranceclaims, the aforementioned complex procedures were greatly reduced and improved.

In the future insurance company may set up for dealing with claims specialaudit, counterfeiting and recovery team or department, which, of course, can beentrusted to a third party to take over these jobs via Internet mode. Thedecision of insurance claims will be in the hands of car owners instead of atthe discretion of the insurance company, which is a trend of future insuranceclaims.